ArmModbus Protocol Conversion Card

ArmModbus Card

ArmModbus Mini Card
Most large monitoring systems not only can monitor the main equipment but also can
integrate power and environment monitoring. So it chooses popular Modbus
communication protocol inorder to be compatible with more devices. But most brands of
UPS power communication have their own packaging formats,so providing RS232, RS422 or Network
port cannot satisfy such monitoring system.We need protocol conversion actor- Modbus protocol converter.
It is a kind of intelligent protocol converter,which is developed according to centralized
monitoring in the current market.


  • Inquiry UPS running information: acquisition card type, input voltage, failure voltage, output voltage, current load, input frequency,battery voltage and battery temperature;
  • Inquiry UPS warning information: horn status, shutdown activation, testing, UPS type, fault, bypass, battery voltage low, utility interruption,UPS disconnection, etc;
  • Inquiry UPS rated information: rated voltage, load, rated battery voltage, rated power, manufacturers, model, version, etc;
  • UPS control: control UPS testing, UPS shutdown/restart, horn change, etc;
  • Connect UPS to 422/485 bus via ArmModbus conversion card in order to realize centralized management for all devices;
  • 2 RS485/RS422 communication port: with RJ45 port and DB9 port for user to select, provides RS485 signal to communicate with supervisory computer to inquiry data. User can check whether data is being received or sent by indicator lights.
  • Can choose full-duplex or half-duplex status for Modbus card work;
  • Working indicator lights display working status intuitively of Modbus conversion card.

The application of topology

Interface Description

RJ45 interface (RS422 way)

RJ45 interface (RS485 way)

Install Dimension

ArmModbus Mini
Drycontact (External)

Technical Parameter


ArmModbus Mini
CPU32-bit ARM RISC-based 50 MHz high-speed central processor(CPU)
RAM16K byte SRAMFlash ROM64K byte Flash
Serial Port1 RS422/RS485 serial port is used for communicating with host, 1 RS232 port
is used for communicating with UPS.
LED IndicatorPower light, address effective light, UPS online light.
Running EnvironmentTemperature:0℃~70℃Input Power (DC)8volt ~ 15volt
Humidity: 10 ~ 85%Power Consumption≤2.5 W
Safety Certificate
Netmate II EXT
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Smart Power Socket
MobileSite BE
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