Drycontact/ Drycontact Mini


DryContact Mini
DryContact Mini card can provide dry contact interface for UPS peripheral monitoring,
to response the operation status of UPS by contact signals; and can insert into UPS intelligent
slots directly, convenient to install.Support long card and short card. It has 3 LED lights, can react
adapter card working condition, communication state and the UPS work state through
three LED indicator lights intuitively; monitor UPS fault,UPS alarm, by-pass, battery voltage low,
utility abnormalities, UPS on 6 alarm status through the DB9 interface’dry contact signals.
What is more, it has remote close UPS unction,easy to install and use, realize that user canknow
the UPS running condition though remote monitoring. Output dry contact can link with other device
to realize the purpose of intellectualized and real-time monitoring.


  • Can remote monitoring for UPS state (output drycontact signal, through voice and light warning ,etc);
  • Can remotely control UPS shutdown;
  • UPS warning state can be reacted by indicator light of AS400 card intuitively.

The application of topology

Install Dimension

DryContact Mini
Drycontact (External)

Technical Parameter


DryContact Mini
CPU32-bit ARM RISC-Based CPU
Serial Interface1 RS232DB9 communication interface, drycontact signal output and UPS control shutdown signal input, used to monitor UPS work state.
LED Indicator3 LED indicator lights: E light: UPS inquiry and UPS state; R light: running state;
P light: power.
Output Power(DC)Adopt 12VDC dc power supply, the working voltage of protocol card is 3.3 V, power consumption is extremely low.
Running EnvironmentAdopt industry-class standard (temperature--40’C---85’C)
Safety Certificate
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