Centralized Monitoring for power & environment of Mutiple Sit


Online Batteries monitor product

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Online Batteries monitor product

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Advanced ATM Monitoring & Management Solution

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UPS Configuration
Single-phase UPS: siteThree-phase UPS: site
UPS Battery Configuration
Battery Pack: packsBattery Number: knotsRated Current:
Precision Air Conditioning Configuration
Precision Air Conditioning: siteCommon Air Conditioning: siteNew Draught Fan: site
Power Distribution Configuration
Precision Power Distribution Cabinet: siteCommon Power Distribution Cabinet: siteCore Branch Power Numbers: branch
Generator Configuration
Generator: site
Environment Monitoring Configuration
Smoke Sensor: unitUnpositional Water Leakage: unitCore Branch Power Numbers: meters
Temperature & Humidity: unitInfrared Detection: unitDoor Contact: meters
Other Dry Contact Device: unit
Security & Protection Configuration
Door Access: unitIP Camera unit
Environment Monitoring Configuration
SMS Alarm:Mobile AlarmSound-light Alarm
Name:* Email:Tel:
  • 1. What kind of monitoring can we realize?
    • Power,we can realize real-time monitoring for AC Power Supply, UPS,battery, generator, power distribution cabinet and etc.System will send alarm to users once it occurs.
    • Environment,we can realize real-time monitoring for temperature & humidity, water leakage, N-G voltage, new draught fan, air condition and etc.System will send alarm to users once it occurs.
    • Security,we have real-time monitoring like door access control, video, infrared detection, smoke sensor, etc.System will send alarm to users once it occurs.
  • 2. Typical functions of Richcomm product.
    • Various alarm ways, like SMS, sound-light alarm, voice alarm, e-mail alarm, etc.
    • Power & environment monitroing at the same time
    • Realize centralized monitoring for various devices and multiple sites.
  • 3.hy Shutdown software IP Power client is not compatible with my device?
    • IP Power client is just a software enclosed with the CD of SNMP card, we do not upgrade it anymore.
  • 4.what are those default IP, username and password of Richcomm product?
    • Default IP is:; user name and password are both admin.