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Battery Monitoring System for Small Data Center

Providing different solutions for different UPS rooms, and provide the most suitable solutions according to the actual project detailed information.

Integrated by both web system and hardware devices, the Bms-Gate Battery Monitoring System provides 24/7/365 real-time view of battery health and data analysis by reports. Real-time alarm allows you to make quick respond to battery issues and thus to avoid accient by battery

System Function

➤ Built-in Web Server, support remote monitoring
➤ With Data Management and Data Report
➤ Real-time Monitoring 1~4 Strings, Max. 480pcs Batteries
➤ Data logging for all measuring data for 12 months
➤ Charge and Discharge Current
➤ Internal Temperature, Impedance
➤ String Voltage & Current, Cell Battery Voltage, SOC, SOH (upper limit / lower limit)
➤ Support 4G sending SMS alarm
➤ Auto-balancing

System Structure