Battery Monitoring Solution


UPS battery normally directly threaten the security of data center electric power system, so it is necessary to manage & store the history data and report of UPS battery in time. For this purpose, Richcomm company have launched an advanced wireless battery monitoring system, which can help users to master the single battery status like voltage, temperature, resistance, etc. the wireless battery monitoring system of Richcomm is your best choice for the last defensive line of data center security.


The System Composition

Intelligent Self-learning Function

Report Battery Pack
Electricity Percentage:
Report battery pack electricity percentage accurately that user can know battery charging status easily.
Report Battery Pack
Backup Discharging Time:
When the load of battery changes during battery discharging, it will calculate and display backup time automatically.
Report Battery Pack
Capacity Attenuation Rate:
It will calculate battery pack capacity attenuation rate after serveral times of charge and discharge.
Detect Battery
Real-time detection of single battery temperature to figure out the hidden danger in advance.

Battery Resistance Online Detection

Detect battery resistance under the condition user normally use the electricity power.
Figure out battery failure promptly, improve maintenance efficiency.
With LCD display in single detection terminal, can fast calculate the resistance value

Wireless Communication Technology,
It is More Convenient to Install

Do you feel some troubles for
the traditional wiring products?
If you want to feel the
advantage of wireless technology?

If you want to make your battery cabinet look more tidy?

So, Richcomm Wireless Battery Monitoring Solution is your best choice!

Powerful Extension Function

Support to extend UPS monitoring and battery room environment monitoring
(include temperature, humidity, smoke, water leakage and etc).

Monitoring The Page Display

More Functions

Built-in GSM Module,send
prompt alarm
Multiple brand UPS compatible Support Sound Light/Voice Dialing /SMS/E-mail Alarm Ways
Complete History Record ,Event Processing Record Function, Support Export Visual LCD Display Support Multi-user Management Authority
WEB Access,B/S Architecture, No Need to Install the 3 party Software Support AC Input & DC Input Environment Monitoring Extension
Support Wireless Inquiry

Download The Solution

  • Promptly know battery running status
  • Receive battery alarm information promptly
  • Multiple report to analysis battery condition
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