Centralized Monitoring for Power and Environment Solution
Modular design, support centralized monitoring
of multiple centre data center


Centralized monitoring & management solution for multi-branch/ Large-size data center, this solution with various alarm notifications, advanced communication mechanism, powerful report analysis, anti-virus system, 24*7 hours uninterrupted protecting the safety of your data center power and environment.


Modular Design

User can do phased investment by the post-requirements,which help to avoid
complex upgrade for backstage system,and wiring connection without any difficulty.

Powerful Centralized Monitor & Manage

The backstage server is embeded with 4 big monitor & manage system:
Power System, Environment System, Air Condition System and Security System.
security system
Infrared detection,Door contact,IP
Camera to ensure the safety.
environment system
Prevent the data center is
leaking, fire disaster, etc.
air condition system
Supports remote to control air condition power on/off, support adjust temperature.
power system
7 X 24 hours monitoring your
UPS, power distribution.

LAMP Technology

Consider of the monitoring system should be security, no virus,
low power consumption and efficient, so we use Linux system and
its webpage service platform use Apache WEB+PHP,
moreover the database use the most advanced network database MySql.

Support Centralized Monitoring & Management
for Multiple Large-size Data Centers

User can create a main central monitoring system under no influence
condition for each branch data center, support centralized monitoring and
management for all data centers power environment, the data center amounts can reach 5000,
and response time of central monitoring system is less than 10 seconds .

Various Data Analysis & Statistics Report

 Histograph, pie graph, and curve to display whole conditions of UPS running status instuitively.

Monitoring Interface

Any Time Any Where, to Master your Datan Center Status
Take Your Data Center Monitoring In Pocket

More Functions

B/S Architecture,easier for use and manage Low consumption,enbedded hardware architecture.Stable & reliable Multiple user management authorization
Powerful history record and report management Built-in watchdog, guarantee
system self-testing snd self-recovery
Multiple alar way::SMS,E-mail, tel voice ,sound alarm etc.
Multiple network segment management,compatible with both LAN &WAN simultaneously Remote control and main- tenance of UPS and intelligent device in the data center,e.g. remote startup/shutdown, self-testing etc. Large network database system, MY SQL, with powerful data storage and process capatibility
Multiple district, multiple level,multiple user and multiple branch management 1U,19 inch rack mounted design System data center backup and recover function
WIN8 Style Three-dimensional data center display,visual Unique PFT communication technology, reduce the occupation of bandwith
Whole embedded system, low consumption and high efficiency, the maximum power consumption is lower than 20W Maximum 5000 branches can be supported Topspeed response for alarm,inform use,promptly
Multiple user login
Online update,monitoring and update simutaneously

Download The Solution

  • Figure out the reason of UPS malfunction
  • Prevent data center from water leakage and fire
  • Centralized monitoring of UPS in multiple branch
  • Various alarm ways, get to know the condition of data center
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