Distributed UPS Centralized Monitoring & Management Solution
Anytime anywhere to master the data center operating status


Distributed UPS centralized monitoring and management solution,it solve the difficulty of centralized monitoring & management which have multiple branches or with wide distribution,also provide administrators with an efficient, safety,stable and intelligent monitoring & management platform.


Cloud Architechture

Cloud computing netwotrking mode, each branch works independently, which can be manag- ed seprately and communicate with background system, thus guarantee the high reliability,high security,high efficiency and high sensibility of the system.It is very suitable for midium an large size data center of multiple branches

Multiple Level Distributed Management

Intuitive display the multi-branch distribution and operation status via map mode,
clear and fast to check the province, city, district branches status via classify management.

Various Data Analysis & Statistics Report

 Histograph, pie graph, and curve to display whole conditions
of UPS running status instuitively.

Environment Extension Function

Monitor environment conditions like temperature, smoke, water leakage,etc.

Efficient Working Mode

Unique PFT communication architecture can
reach fast data update,the data update time
for 1000 branches within 10 seconds;
Advanced TCP communication technology,
which help to guarantee the alarm time-
liness and reliability
System will automatically send message for
query, help to confirm the device network
communication status and help to guarantee
the communication safety

LAMP Technology

Considering the monitoring and management system should be security,
no virus, low power consumption and efficient, so we use Linux system and
its webpage service platform use Apache WEB+PHP, morever the database use
the most advanced network database MySql.

Monitoring Interface

Any Time Any Where, to Master your Datan Center Status
Take Your Data Center Monitoring In Pocket

More Functions

B/S architecture, easy for use and management Embedded hardware, low power, adaptable with various of serious environment Multi-user management authorization
Powerful history record and report management Built-in watchdog, help to guarantee system self-testing and self-recovery function Multiform alarm notifications: SMS, E-mail, voice dialing, sound light alarm etc
Multiple network segments management, support to use LAN &WAN simultaneously Support remote control and maintenance of UPS or other smart devices in data center, such as remote startup/ shutdown, self-testing etc Large network database system, use MY SQL and with powerful data storage and process capability
Powerful multi-district, multi- level, multi- user and multi-branch monitoring & management platform 1U 19 inch rack mounted design System data backup and recover function
WIN8 leading user interface Visual 3D virtual data center display Unique PFT communication technology, help to reduce the occupation of bandwith
Totally embedded system, low power but high efficiency, the maximum power consumption is lower than 20W Support up to 5000 branches Quick alarm response time, promptly inform administrator to deal with the alarm
Support multi-user login simultaneously Online update, support monito- ring and update simultaneously

Download The Solution

  • Figure out the reason of UPS malfunction
  • Prevent data center from water leakage and fire
  • Centralized monitoring of UPS in multiple branch
  • Various alarm ways, get to know the condition of data center
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