SMS Monitor & Control Solution
Applicated under no network condition for UPS monitoing, power monitoring
or environment monitoring, e.g:ATM, mobile station, etc.


Richcomm company design a SMS monitor & control solution for data center power environment: support to use SMS to help admini- strator understand the power environment status in data center at anytime and anywhere, SMS solution is very convenient and not just limited to PC visiting, especially suitable for the data center with bad network or no network.


Support Double Frequency GSM/GPRS(900/1800Mhz)

Send SMS notification to inform administrator if alarm happen ; support multi-users to receive SMS notifications.

Support Scheduled Task , Timing Control

Timing UPS Self-testing
Timing UPS shutdown
Timing UPS startup

Multiple Brand of UPS Compatible

Powerful R&D team, successfully developed hundreds
of UPS communication protocols, support most UPS on the market

High Anti-interference Capacity

With high Anti-interference capacity can resist high
temperature, available for the strong
interference places like substation, factory workshop, mobile station, etc.

Monitoring The Page Display

More Functions

Centralized Monitoring

Support multi-devices for centralized monitoirng

Remote Control

Support remote login and check by network


Support E-mail notification

Multi-user Authority

With different authorizations for different levels of users

SMS Function

Support SMS notification if alarm happen

Environment Monitoring

Support environment monitoring like temperature, humidity, smoke, water leakage

Built-in Clock

Support time server calibration function

Remote Control

Support remote control UPS boot/shutdown

Scheduled Task

Support timing contro

History Record

With history records if alarm happen

Server Shutdown Protect

With computer road network shutdown protect function

Embedded System

Independent operation and management, no need to depend on other computer

Download The Solution

  • SMS monitor UPS and its surrounding environment status
  • Unattended data center
  • Easy in installation and convenient in use
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