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LORA Wireless Temp/Humid Environment Monitoring Solutions
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      There are many problems with traditional temp&humid sensors monitoring projects such as a large number of cabling, cable exposinbg, distance communication, high labor and cable material costs, so uncontrollable when networking, and can not meet the planning of various industries for environment temp&humid monitoring.


      In nower days data center, various IT devices and auxilaiy devices for computing and data storage should have strict environment requirements for temp and humid  state, so monitor and control temp and humid state is a basic gurarantee of data center safy opreation.




       4.System Diagram


      5.Gateway Features


       6.Lora Temp&Humid Sensors Features

       7.Application Scenarios

      8.Aquaculture Solutions

      9.Poultry Farming Solutions

      10.Intelligent Computer Room Solution



      13.Solutions Benefits

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