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Data Center Power Environment Monitoring Solution
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Needs and Challenges

With the continuous development of information network technology, network equipment rooms with different sizes, types and quantities of equipment are widely distributed in the regions where user’ branches are located. Due to the lack of operation and maintenance system corresponding to the scale system of the operation network.A large number of unattended machine room physical operating environment, power distribution status, equipment operating status, personnel activities and changes in fire conditions, including possible critical conditions, can not be found and dealt with in time, and it is difficult to difficult to effectively foresee, prevent and avoid. Therefore, a complete equipment room environment monitoring system is very important for the equipment room, IDC and other places.

RICHCOMM provides monitoring solutions for this purpose. Sitepro II is a monitoring host specially developed by our company for micro-module data center and medium-sized computer room.  The integrated solution integrates fire protection, mobile monitoring, power supply and distribution, battery, refrigeration, cabinet and channel systems, bringing users five core values of rapid deployment, safety and reliability, high efficiency and energy saving, simple, intelligent management, and one-stop service.  Using 1U monitoring host, plug and play, to meet the big data era customer pursuit of easy installation, convenient operation, necessary security and linkage operation and other requirements, is the best choice for the construction of modern unattended machine room. 

The monitoring system supports secondary development and design, the system is mature and stable, compatible with strong expansion, high functional integration, convenient operation, suitable for banks, governments, customs, radio and television, communications, power and other data center projects. 

Product architecture