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Battery Monitoring System for Small Data Center
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Providing different solutions for different UPS rooms, and provide the most suitable solutions according to the actual project detailed information.

Integrated by both web system and hardware devices, the Bms-Gate Battery Monitoring System provides 24/7/365 real-time view of battery health and data analysis by reports. Real-time alarm allows you to make quick respond to battery issues and thus to avoid accient by battery

System Function

➤ Built-in Web Server, support remote monitoring
➤ With Data Management and Data Report
➤ Real-time Monitoring 1~4 Strings, Max. 480pcs Batteries
➤ Data logging for all measuring data for 12 months
➤ Charge and Discharge Current
➤ Internal Temperature, Impedance
➤ String Voltage & Current, Cell Battery Voltage, SOC, SOH (upper limit / lower limit)
➤ Support 4G sending SMS alarm
➤ Auto-balancing

System Structure