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ALOT Platform
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RichComm IoT platform provides huge amounts of equipment access and management ability, can be your IoT device connecting to the cloud platform, support equipment data acquisition on clouds and clouds issued an order to the equipment for remote control, matching with other products, cloud platform to help you quickly build the Internet of things, such as energy saving, AI AI security solutions.  

The device can access the Internet of Things platform through fixed network, 2G/3G/4G/5G, LoRa, Wifi and other networks, and use LWM2M/CoAP or MQTT protocol to report business data to the platform, and the platform can also send control commands to the device.  Service applications invoke apis provided by the iot platform to implement service scenarios such as device data collection, command delivery, and device management.  

The Internet of Things platform supports direct access of terminal devices, industrial gateway or home gateway.  Supports multi-network access, multi-protocol access, and serialized Agent access to solve complex, diversified and fragmented device access problems.  It also provides richer and more complete device management capabilities, simplifying the complexity of massive device management, saving manual operations, and improving management efficiency.  

Building a reliable AI digital base for data center

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Building artificial intelligence date centers

Artificial intelligence date center built by RichComm IOT

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