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Wireless Lora Application for Tunnel Hydrant Monitoring
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Platform is to use the Internet, the Internet, smart sensor technology, data analysis and other advanced technology, the remote monitoring for city fire iot social unit digital management, provide for the customer from the monitoring, early warning to digital regulation, plans, disaster information release, emergency rescue management, complete set of fire control safety of LianWangHua solution, solves the existing in intelligent fire control system Data transmission adopts traditional narrowband modulation technology, which can only realize short-distance communication monitoring in complex environment with small data volume and low power consumption, but can not simultaneously take into account the monitoring purposes of ultra-long distance, anti-interference and low energy consumption. We should improve the supervision ability of the fire fighting forces, raise the awareness of fire fighting safety and the prevention and control level of the whole society, reduce the potential dangers of fire fighting disasters and protect the safety of people's lives and property.

Network architecture

10/100m Ethernet Uploads data to the management platform

Intelligent fire centralized controller

R5485 communication and power supply

LoRa Gateway (1 to 64 terminals, with the first terminal)


Wireless exchange

LoRa Terminal 1(water voltage collecting)

LoRa Terminal N(DI collecting)


System Function

1. Status query: You can query the network ID, LoRa channel, LoRa air rate, LoRa coding

rate, LoRa transmitting power, sleep time, and gateway communication status of Analog. Can query the communication status, number of the data reporting device, fire pressure testing device (KPA), door switch sensor, fire extinguisher sensor, water film sensor, and analog upper limit alarm data in the Module.


2. Parameter Setting:Click LoRa Collection Module in Parameter Setting to select and set device type, device name, enable, Device brand, communication protocol, query interval (MS), baud rate, disconnection times, smart device address bit, IP address, port, device address, and module number.


3. Report Management:Alarm statistics, historical data analysis, and report customization.


4. Third-party interfaces:Supports various interface protocols for quick access by third-party systems.


Solution Features

1. High reliable acquisition equipment, accurate acquisition, continuous and stable operation;

2. Integrated hardware and software, fast response;

3. The LoRa gateway can collect data from 64 terminals,Meet the requirements of altitude 2000m;

4. The terminal collector battery can be used for 5 years;

5. The module uses ultra-low power MCU to solve the problem of ultra-long distance communication with small amount of data in low-power complex environment.  

6. When there is no alarm event, the device status information is sent 30 minutes later to reduce battery loss and storage cost.