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View UPS data and control functions.

SNMP base card(NetmateLite)

Brief Introduction

SNMP card for UPS, which will be satisfy user with a basic UPS monitoring demands. This type SNMP cards support fast installation, friendly interface visit and configuration and have been widely applied to branches UPS monitoring and control.

The SNMP ip-based WEB management control enables remote viewing of UPS data and the control of turning on and off the UPS to manage the UPS in the simplest way. In addition, the local software linkage enables the shutdown protection of the server.  

The SNMP card is the interface between the UPS and the network. The card can communicate the status of the UPS and issue commands to it. All Minuteman SNMP cards support SNMP and HTTP protocols for user access. Through SNMP NMS and/or a web browser, users can monitor the status of the UPS, issue commands, and set up the SNMP card over the network.

A full range of monitoring accessories is available. With these add-on modules, administrators can monitor temperature and humidity, detect smoke, fire or water, sense vibration, and monitor the status of server racks or cabinet doors. Each of these modules can send alerts via SNMP MIB or Email.

SNMP High end card(Netmate III)

Brief Introduction

Netmate III/Netmate III mini series bring a high security monitoring level for uninterrupted power supply(UPS). With design of a powerful CPU, Netmate III supports USB add-on devices, RS485 add-on (Temp & Humid) and advanced encrypted protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, SSL, IPV6, SNMP V3, etc.