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SiteMate II
    Publish time 2014-10-08 13:37    

SiteMate II: Applied to single row of modular data center, integration for UPS, AC and environment parameters, simple for use and good compatibility.

Product presentation

It is widely used for collecting device monitoring and environment monitoring data in the equipment room scenario of a single cabinet micro-module data center.  For example: data room, communication base station, substation, residential area, bank outlets, chain stores, business halls, medical departments and so on.  

2.2  Main functional features

1.1U 19-inch standard embedded hardware structure, low power consumption, ultra silent.  

2.B/S architecture, supporting the Web browser to manage and configure the device.  

3.Compatible with intelligent devices such as UPS, precision air conditioners, and precision power distribution cabinets of multiple brands.  

4.Support environment monitoring; Such as temperature and humidity, smoke sensor, water leakage and other environmental monitoring.  

5.Supports audible and visual alarms, short message alarms, and Email alarms, and multi-user rights management.  

6.Support records of historical events and historical data, and perfect event processing (including event records and notifications).  

7.Support remote self-test, shutdown and restart UPS functions (UPS support), scheduled tasks (scheduled self-test, on/off).  

8.According to the UPS working status, the server can be connected to shut down, to protect the server.  

9.Support local/mobile APP monitoring and management, and control relay opening and closing through APP.  

10.Support SNMP, Modbus-TCP and other protocols.  

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