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iPole IOT Edge Computing Gateway
    Publish time 2022-11-29 14:36    

iPole IOT is a comprehensive intelligent network gateway, designed follow standard, safety and reliable, this product is using AMR9 high-performance CPU, Linux system, which is support to collect and manage the data of EV chargers and communicate with the operation management platform, to realized monitor the running status of EV charger and ensure the safety operation of charger and automobile charging equipment. The billing communication module with powerful expansion function, can be expanded with energy meter, serial screen, swiping card board, 4G communication module, WIFI module, GPRS module and so on, and realize the smart EV charger with HMI, metering, charging payment etc. The product size is 160*138*44mm, with small volume and wall mounted design.

iPole IOT Edge Computing Gateway

       1. Product Introduction

The EV charger after years of development, has evolved from simple charging function to various intelligent applications, it reminds people of the original single function mobile come to today’s smart mobile, one outstanding features is the function fixed by the manufacturer, to now provide intelligent operating system, and the os can be arbitrarily installed according to the needs of users. Therefore, the EV charger also evolution of "intelligent EV charger".

      The intelligent EV charger is combined with edge computing platform and high computing CPU, it need to be provided with abundant bus interfaces, and help to expand smart charger with various functions anytime anywhere. Unlike the mobile phone manufacturers, our purpose is to deliver   applications and management to users, and help users manage applications of their own charger without any restriction, so as to better empower the operators. So we pushed our iPole IOT edge computing intelligent gateway came into market.

        2.Functional List



Edge Computing OS

Realize smart EV charger application extension

Helps for intelligentize EV charger, it could be installed different APP on Android OS and realized flexible applications

Charging Monitoring

Monitoring-Support monitoring of main controller board, with offline analysis;

Analysis -- Provide waving analysis via several dimensions, support abnormal alarm;

Multi-Dimension analysis -- To analyse each data in multi-dimension and report anomaly;

Auto-control -- support self-control on cloud, and support offline self control.

Charging Protect

Collect monitoring data, and protect charging process by protect rules.

To collect battery data,

Electric bill metering

Follow the cloud principles and support offline electricity bill statistics, and at second adui;

Order Inter-flow

Synchronize with cloud order, to manage current order on screen at place;

Synchronize the status of order and control order mode with cloud.;

Grouping Control

At the same time manage all pile linkage, such as multi-pile linkage, pile lock linkage, parking lot gate linkage, pile body heat dissipation linkage.

Car-washing Module

Access car washing machine to realized car wash and payment function

Better for all-in one service function.

Parking Lock Module

Access packing lock to reduce the fuel vehicle parking and realized user reservation.

NFC Payment

Implement NFC payment.

Environment monitoring

Access the environment sensor to collect various environmental data, temp and humid, toxic gas, leakage, and timely report the monitoring data.

 3. Outface and Size




Plate size