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    Publish time 2014-10-08 13:38    

RacksMate: Designed for micro data center (such as single-rack, multi-rack, etc.) developed interaction and control host integrarated product, "saving", "simple", "integrated".  

Product overview

RacksMate- Integrated Intelligent Internet of Things (IOT) is a monitoring tablet specially developed for micro-module data center computer room environment monitoring. The product with popular market at present is 9.7 inch shaft touch screen, the user can through the touch screen operation, abandon the traditional 1 u monitor host in the green room of monitoring application scenarios such as inconvenience, meet customer pursuit of convenient installation, big data age save cabinet space, local visualization, convenient operation, it is necessary to the security and combined operation requirements, Rack Mate integrated smart iot guan has rich interface can quickly realize the computer room environment, real-time data acquisition, a full set of configuration software, without programming, graphical interface display and centralized network monitoring management, convenient room operations at the same time greatly meets the requirements of modern data center computer room monitoring, is the best choice of the construction of modern unmanned guard room.

 Application scenarios

 Main functional features

(1) 0U design, embedded installation, simple, convenient management, save cabinet space;  

(2) It has rich interfaces to realize fast and accurate data collection and processing;  

(3) 9.7-inch capacitive screen, with good man-machine interface and touch performance;  

(4) Front-facing camera can shoot and record operators;  

(5) Can manage intelligent equipment and temperature and humidity and other environmental quantities;  

(6) Rich functions, such as linkage alarms and SMS alarms.