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    Publish time 2023-04-10 13:24    

 Ec GW Max gateway support abundent devices and protocol access; this gateway delivered with 18 RJ45 type RS485 serial ports and 8 RJ11 type DI ports, adopts advanced X86 framework, B/S architecture, 4-core CPU, embedded network system, it is an all-in one smart IOT gateway to realized data center 24 hours power environment monitoring . EC GW MAX running speed reach millisecond level,  and support 60000 data size.    


Product Presentation

EC GW MAX system provides friendly UI,  visual 3D management, online asset management, PUE management, energy consumption management, aircon group control management. When an abnormal status happends, system will auto timely display alarm info, give local sound light alarm, and send alarm notifications to administrators via mobile, sms, email etc, it greatly suiable and meets the management requirements of modem IOT data center .


1. It can remotely monitor UPS, precision air conditioner, distribution cabinet and other conventional intelligent equipment in the server room through the network.

2. Can implement web-based user interface interface.

3. Compatible with multi-brand and multi-model UPS, precision air conditioning, intelligent distribution cabinet, etc.

4. Good interactive interface, with LCD display, and 4 key input function.

5. The product has a built-in lithium battery that can be turned on/off, which can work 2-12 in the case of external power failure

Hours (depending on the external function module connected).

6. Support surrounding power environment monitoring, access to smoke, water leakage, temperature and humidity, access control, etc.

7. Expandable multi-channel ambient temperature and humidity detection function.

8. Support sound and light alarm and equipment linkage.

9. Built-in SMS module, support SMS voice integrated alarm.

10. Supports Email alerts.

11. Support multi-user rights management.

12. Supports DHCP.

13. Support remote self-test, shutdown and restart UPS functions (UPS support is required).

14. Support telnet, hyperterminal, WEB page configuration.

15. Support scheduled tasks (periodic self-test, on/off).

16. It has the function of historical events and vertical data logging.

17. Remote via HTTP, SNMP, Java applet, Telnet, and IP Power

Process equipment monitoring and management.

18. Robust event handling (including event logging and notifications).

19. Perfect management function (datalog, SNTP and work schedule).

20. Intelligent device monitoring port supports custom switching, which is convenient for on-site construction and maintenance work.

And the corresponding ports are all isolated independently.

21. Support home page custom switching. (Including statistical mode, map mode, computer room 2D plane

Mode, 3D mode, capacity management mode).

22. Support 3D display.