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IP Power Plus
    Publish time 2014-10-08 13:40    

Powerful Centralized Monitoring System

1.1、IP Power Plus multi-node integrated management platform

1.1 Product Presentation

The IP Power Plus multi-point integrated management platform can accurately, quickly and reliably monitor and manage the Power, air conditioning, environment and other data of the machine room, timely respond to all kinds of events in the machine room and notify the management personnel of the machine room, providing continuous and reliable support for the safe operation of the machine room.  

The system has a wealth of interfaces, can quickly access power, air conditioning, environment, security and other subsystems. 

1.2  System Architecture

1.3 System Function

1.Equipment monitoring: electric power, air conditioning, environment, access control, video and other monitoring tubes.  

2.Alarm management: multi-level closed-loop alarm notification with multiple notification modes.  

3.Energy consumption management: energy efficiency index and multi-dimensional energy consumption statistics.  

4.Report management: alarm statistics, historical data analysis, support historical events export. 

5.Linkage management: customized linkage management on the platform or at the bottom.  

6.Third-party interface: supports a variety of interface protocols to facilitate rapid access by third-party systems  

4  Solution Features

1. Independent research and development and manufacturing, simple, easy to use, good product compatibility;  

2. Using B/S architecture, support remotely view, control and manage, no need to install a 3th party client-side;  

3. Pure IP networking, support TCP/IP;  

4. Adopts advanced communication mechanisms (timing polling report, changing report, alarm report, and timing active reporting) to ensure real-time data update, timely alarm, and reduce the occupation of bandwidth.  

1.5 Software Description

IP Power Plus multi-node integrated management platform can realize centralized and unified management of various network devices.  Accurately locate faults, meeting the requirements of network O&M management.  Automatic operation and monitoring, without special man

3.6 Software Function

1.1 1U 19-inch standard embedded hardware structure, low power consumption, ultra-quiet, lightning protection, interface isolation and communication transmission isolation, stable and reliable system.  Rights management  

Built-in watchdog function, perfect self-detection, self-recovery system mechanism, its own failure, does not affect the monitoring of other equipment.  

1.2 Based on LAMP (Linux+Apache+Mysql+PHP) architecture to build a Web application platform,B/S architecture design, can access the system through a browser.  The overall monitoring system is a pure IP communication architecture, and each node device works independently, can be managed independently, and can also be interconnected.  

1.3 PFT communication architecture: using TCP/IP as the core communication mode, the communication architecture of change reporting, timing reporting, alarm reporting and active polling reporting is constructed to ensure that the system does not misreport, miss reporting, alarm timeliness and high efficiency and security.  Reduce network bandwidth usage, improve system security, efficiency, accuracy, and energy saving.  

1.4 Provide personalized machine room map mode, which can upload the corresponding machine room map according to the actual demand, and quickly realize the machine room deployment;  Automatic topology: The system can automatically discover front-end devices without manual addition.  

1.5 Supports storage, query, and report export of historical data (real-time data table) and historical events (real-time alarm table).  

1.6 Powerful rights management function, support multi-area, multi-level, multi-user, multi-point monitoring, alarm management;  System alarm response speed, response time less than 10S.  It also has hierarchical alarm function and supports multiple alarm modes.  

1.7 Provides northbound third-party interfaces, rich scalability, and supports dual-system hot. backup.