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SiteProII : Applied to modular data center of power environment monitoring, which support Power monitor system(UPS, UPS battery, Generator, ATS cabient, Power distribution, PDU, earthing, etc), Environment monitor system(Temp, humid, smoke, leakage, dust ,gas,vibration, etc), A/C monitor system(smart A/C split A/C), Security monitor system(access control, CCTV, door/window contact etc)


Product Presentation

All-purpose integrated machine room moving ring monitoring host. The application of this set of products can realize the integrated management of computer room, so as to realize the scientific management mode of "centralized, networked, intelligent and unmanned". Single-row application scenario: widely used in bank outlets, securities units, branches, county-level departments, enterprise units, etc.  Double-row application scenario: widely used in prefectural branches, municipal institutions, power departments, radio and television media, etc.  

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3.2 Main functional features

1. 1U 19-inch standard embedded hardware structure, low power consumption, ultra silent.  

2. Based on Linux system platform for development, the system is safe and reliable.  

3. B/S architecture mode, good human-computer interaction interface, convenient remote view, control and management.  

4. The monitoring system is highly integrated and the host interface is standardized to reduce the installation cost and facilitate maintenance.  

5. Dual power supply, dual network port, built-in lithium battery design mode, to provide a strong guarantee for moving ring monitoring.  

6. Good compatibility, compatible with multiple brands and models of UPS, air conditioning, power distribution and other intelligent equipment.  

7. Mobile phone APP remote view, anytime and anywhere, dynamic environment information in one hand.  

8. Planning task setting, remote control of equipment, make intelligent equipment management more scientific and intelligent.  

9. Multi-user permission setting, according to the user's responsibilities, assign different permissions, easy to manage users.  

10. Email alarm, SHORT message, sound and light, telephone voice alarm and equipment linkage, feedback timely informed, timely handling of problems.  

11. Perfect management functions (data log, SNTP and work schedule), event processing mechanism (including event recording and notification), historical events, data recording functions.  

12. Provide standard 3D visualization management functions (installed on 21.5' intelligent touch integrated computer, real-time DISPLAY of modular computer room 3D visualization);  Local APP Monitoring management (Android only)