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Single In Single Out UPS Battery Discharge Management Controller
    Publish time 2023-10-12 14:30    
Single In Single Out UPS Battery Discharge Management Controller


    The Controller of UPS battery discharge management is designed as a network facility, for monitor and manage UPS operating status, remotely control UPS switch on/off, and remotely control battery banks for discharging. This product is combined with UPS SNMP network adapter and control module, support real time web monitoring and management from central office office pcvia network TCP/IP, support administrators remotely control UPS switch on/off, remotely control battery banks for charging/discharging, when an abnormal alerts happens, system will provide email and SMS notifications. This solution realize 24 hours of unattendedgreatly helps manual operation change to automatic maintenance and helps for extend battery life and reduce manual onsite costing.

This introduction is for single in/single out UPS and the its battery banks discharge management.        


Single-site Network  Diagram

Multi-site Network Diagram


B/S structure, no need install the 3th party software;

Networking mode: based on IP LAN, WAN, Internet, ADSL, E1, wireless Ethernet, etc;

Safety, secure, and reliable user authority management;

Built-in optimized IP Power Plus communication protocol, can make full use of bandwidth at the same time guarantee the real-time data acquisition;

Support Telnet, SSH, WWW (Web browser) and other configurations;

Support plan task function, can set UPS timed on/off, battery discharge, etc.

Compatible with multiple brands and models of UPS;

Support 50000 historical data and 5000 historical record storage;

Embedded long life the system clock, and support for automatic calibration in order to achieve time synchronization function;

Support SNMP V1 V2c V3, IPV6, HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, SMTP, DHCP, ", SSH, network protocols such as SSL;

Works network SMS alarm server and support SMS alarm.


Support UPS remote control, battery banks charging and discharging;

Support scheduled task and timed discharge function;

Support monitoring of UPS, battery bank and environmental;

Support automatic detection whether the current discharge conditions meet;

Device support to extend temp/humid sensor and other DI devices like smoke, leakage sensor;

Support SMS, email alarm function;

Support the local buzzer to sound alarms;

Complete historical data recording function and report export function.



Software interface